eian kantor is a photographer based in brooklyn, new york. he shoots photographs in both digital and analog mediums. eian has traveled around the world, and in his photographs, he tries to represent his subjects in their truest natures. eian's work has appeared in various digital and print publications, including NME, the riverdale press, brooklyn magazine, and miscellaneous ad campaigns. in 2016, eian self-published his first book, "images come and gone: photos from 2006 - 2016" (print run of 50, sold out). in 2017, eian self-published a zine called "broke, but busy" (sold out).

in his spare time, eian eats an unhealthy amount of dumplings, pizza and bagels, and drinks far too much cheap coffee. eian hops on the train to coney island whenever he can and likes exploring the nuances of new places to him.

eian is available for commissions and assignments, and plain and simple "hello!" messages. his e-mail is eian.m.kantor@gmail.com