morocco is a series of photos from a 2017 trip around morocco. in many ways, visiting morocco was important for me -- it was a place i'd wanted to go to for quite some time. morocco is a beautiful country with so much culture to offer and history to soak in (particularly for a jew like me).

from every other person on the street calling me ali baba because of my large, untamed beard to the welcome greeting of مرحبا (marhaba), the tajine dishes (الطاجين), the windy local bus rides through the mountains in the north, and the sugar infused mint tea, traveling around the country was an unforgettable set of experiences.

the colors of the aged architecture suck you in. the landscapes are paintings. the medinas are chaotic, sublime mazes. 

the photos are digital and 35mm. the images were shot in tangier (طنجة), chefchaouen (الشاون), el menzel, ribat el kheir (رباط الخير) fez/fes (فاس), casablanca (الدار البيضاء), and rabat (الرِّبَاط). cheers to all the amazing people i traveled with and met along the way. hope you enjoy the images. إن شاء الله‎‎ inshallah!

© eian kantor, 2018