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It's a long, tough road, but these seniors finished their high school journey with pride. Students from IN-Tech Academy in the Bronx graduated in June and welcomed emotional hugs from friends, family members, partners, and teachers. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

Graduating IN-Tech senior Samantha Melo decorated her graduation cap with the message "I migrated and graduated." Shot for The Riverdale Press.

Brooklyn Pride Festival, 2017.

At the 'Survival Series' workshop at Van Cortlandt Park, urban rangers Ian Cleary and Daniel McElhinney taught a group of city dwellers all about natural survival materials. Ian Cleary, pictured above, demonstrates how to use tinder, cattail, white birch, and phragmites to start a fire. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

The North Riverdale Baseball League took to the streets with banners, balloons and flags to kick off its 2018 season. Delightfully balmy weather punctuated an otherwise erratic spring, making for a perfect opening day. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

With a mission to empower, coach, instill confidence and mentor youth, the United Chaplains State of New York Athletic League is back in the Bronx. Off-duty NYPD police officers, college students, chaplains, EMS, and FDNY firefighters mentor youth (ages 14-19) through sports. Mentors show youths that if they play 100% in sports, then they can also give it all in school and in life. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

The International Academy of Hope – NYC (iHOPE-NYC) is a highly specialized brain injury school in New York City. They hold a summer olympics for the students each year. After completing a race, a member of the "Brooklyn Nets" is congratulated by friends, family, nurses, and refs. Shot in 2017 for iHope.

Two students, both on the "New York Yankees", compete in a relay race at the International Academy of Hope – NYC (iHOPE-NYC) annual summer olympics. iHope-NYC is a highly specialized brain injury school in New York City. Shot in 2017 for iHope.

Oscar Smith, the drummer of The Great Oaks, poses for photos after the band's first set ever at An Beal Bocht Cafe in the Bronx. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

The popular Puerto Rican band La Sonora Ponceña packed Lehman College’s 2,300-seat auditorium. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

At 93 years old, Gloria Hobbs is continually looking for ways to give back to her Bronx community. Hobbs is the first African American to receive a Ph.D. from the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Texas. She knows six languages, housed The Freedom Riders, and sailed around the world on a cargo ship. Ithaca College recently recognized Gloria with an honorary doctor of letters degree. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

Paul Massey’s first, and likely only, impression of Riverdale was the rather spacious American Legion hall on Corlear Avenue. The mayoral candidate, a real estate developer, visited Riverdale and then abruptly dropped out of the race, expressing concern that he simply cannot raise the kind of money needed to topple an incumbent like de Blasio. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

Rep. Jeffrey Dinowitz talks with U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel at an event co-hosted by Northwest Bronx Indivisible. Dinowitz described the end of the 2017-18 legislative session as ‘disappointing’ as the chambers did not come to a deal on mayoral control of schools. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

Members of the Air Horn Orchestra sound off against HB2 ("the bathroom bill") outside of the Executive Mansion on Blount Street in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

RiverFest is an annual celebration held at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

Captain Fern Hoffmann sails the 1885 Pioneer schooner up the Hudson River with an enthusiastic RiverFest crowd aboard. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

Norris Ogard, a Nurse Practitioner, sets up the overnight men’s homeless shelter at the Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture. The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale plans to launch a similar shelter on Tuesday nights (in partnership w/ BronxWorks) starting in the fall of 2018, but is being met with some opposition from the community. Shot for The Riverdale Press.

Baltimore Uprising rally, Union Square, 2015.

La Barceloneta, Barecelona, 2017.

A butcher kills a chicken in a market in a rural Moroccan village called El Menzel. First, a young boy and his grandfather picked the chicken. Next, the butcher picked up the chicken, and, with bare hands, snapped its neck. He the removed the feathers, dipped it in piping hot water, and put it in a bag for the boy and his grandfather.

Brooklyn Pride Festival, 2015.

Union Square Park, 2016.

12th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governors Island, 2018.

Writer Joanna C. Valente’s work beholds the body, crafting lines like music to produce surreal, cerebral work. The founding editor-in-chief of Yes, Poetry, the managing editor of Luna Luna Mag, and a Brooklyn Poets instructor, Joanna is as much an author as a teacher. Shot for Brooklyn Magazine.

Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, the Yemeni Ambassador to the United States, speaks to a fired-up crowd of Yemeni men, one using Facebook Live, at the grand opening of the Yemeni American Merchants Association store front in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

South Beach Miami, 2018.

Kensington, Brooklyn, 2017.

Teachers in Rabat, Morocco, protest restrictions on teachers and the education system in Morocco.

IfNotNow, an American Jewish progressive activist group, floods the streets of Midtown to protest the election of Donald Trump.

Outside of Trump Tower in Midtown, Manhattan, 2017.

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